09/11/2014COAG Competition

Some COAG results

6/7 Beg - Team BRONZE - Kiera Bain: SILVER= vault, BRONZE overall, Evie MacDonald: SILVER= vault, 4th overall, Zara Fettes: BRONZE vault
8/9 Beg - Team SILVER - Ava Fettes: SILVER vault, 6th overall, Ellie Esslemont: BRONZE overall
10/11 Beg - Team BRONZE - Bronia Elrick: BRONZE vault, 5th= overall, Kate Hare: 5th= overall
12+ Beg - Team BRONZE
12+ Int - Team BRONZE - Gill Harrison: GOLD= vault, Rosa Hare:SILVER vault, Laura Smith:BRONZE= vault, Lucy Grimble:6th overall
These were the results on the day but unfortunately the results for some groups have to be re-calculated as there were gymnasts competing at beginner level who should have been Intermediates - including our own Ellie E, Kate H, Bronia E and Rebeka J who, just after COAG, we discovered all moved up to Intermediate at the Perth comp in May - woohoo well done girls! - just a shame we hadn't realised at the time!

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