8/9 Beginners - Sophie G was 4th on vault, Abbie and Samara were 5th, Iona and Lily were 6th. Emily was 6th on floor. Abbie was 8th overall and Sophie was 10th.
10/11 Beginners - Sophie McD, Annie, Inara, Amber and Roos - Team GOLD. Annie - GOLD floor, 5th vault, SILVER overall, Sophie - 4th vault, BRONZE overall, Roos 4th vault, 8th overall, Lucy P - 6th vault,  Inara 10th overall
10/11 Int - Kiera  - 6th floor, 8th overall
12+ Int - Kate H, Emma and Katie - Team SILVER, Kate - BRONZE vault, 9th overall, Katie - BRONZE floor, 6th overall, Emma 5th floor, 5th overall
10/11 Adv - Carlie - GOLD vault, SILVER floor, SILVER overall
12+ Adv - Kate S, Josie, Grace, Ellie, Lisa - Team SILVER, Josie - 4th floor, 5th overall, Ellie, 5th floor, 5th overall, Lisa 8th overall, Grace - 5th vault, 10th overall

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